Association Plans

At BairdBenefitsPlus, we have been chosen by several National Associations to manage their members’ association programs with great success. We work in all provinces to offer the most affordable programs designed to meet their needs and budget. We believe in the importance of service and respect each member’s right to confidentiality. We will work closely with the Directors of the Association to communicate with their membership our services as they evolve.

Offering benefits to members of your association will…

  • show concern for the needs of members
  • help recruit and retain membership
  • keep members up to date on current legislation regarding health benefits

Individual benefits are selected by the members. Each member owns and administers their own program and will deal directly with BairdBenefitsPlus or the Insurance Company.

Benefits can be offered to members through…

  • links in Association websites
  • speaking engagements with members
  • handouts supplied to Membership Director
  • as part of recruiting kits
  • online chat programs
  • ongoing email broadcasts through Directors

Benefits can include such offerings as…