Personal Disability Insurance

Disability insurance can provide you with financial security by replacing a portion of your earnings when an accident or illness causes you to become disabled and unable to work or earn an income. Accidents and illnesses are a fact of life. They could happen to anyone at any time.

Disability insurance Information

  • Individual income protection: when you protect you income, you protect what matters most.
    What’s your most valuable asset? You may think that your home, car or investment account is the most valuable thing you own. But we believe that your most valuable asset is your ability to make a living. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy all the things that make your lifestyle possible.
  • RBC Insurance
    The fact is that your health is your wealth! Based on your current annual income, these are your potential earnings to age 65, assuming a 5% increase each year.
  • Disability claims. We are here for you. Protecting your income from the unexpected.
    No one expects to become disabled, yet it happens every day and usually without warning. Having disability insurance is an effective way to help protect your lifestyle in the event you are no longer able to earn an income.
  • Your guide to government disability benefits
    When a person suffers a disability and is unable to work, disability benefits are available through various government-sponsored programs, such as Canada Pension Plan/Quebec Pension Plan.

Overhead Expense Plan

The Overhead Expense Plan is a non-cancellable overhead expense disability insurance policy that can provide reimbursement of eligible business overhead expenses during total disability.

Buy/Sell Plan

The Buy/Sell Plan is ideally suited for owners of privately-held businesses. It is designed to provide funds to help enable the business or one or more business owners to purchase the shares or ownership interest of a totally disabled shareholder or partner.

Keyperson Plan

The Keyperson Plan is a disability policy that will provide benefits in the event of a key employee’s total disability. There are two types of Keyperson Plans.