Life Insurance

G. R. Baird Financial Group Inc. offers a full range of insurance products for individuals, including universal life insurance, group insurance, critical illness insurance and term insurance.

Universal Life policy provides your family or your business with tax-sheltering now and insurance when you need it.

The tax-sheltered cash reserve can be used for your family…

  • to increase your retirement income
  • as an alternative tax shelter
  • for early mortgage payment or financing of a secondary residence
  • for emergencies, renovations or personal and business opportunities
  • to fund your children’s education
  • as a disability benefit

Our customizable insurance protection evolves with your family’s changing lifestyle, from buying your first home to planning your retirement. And, similar to an RRSP, you can maximize your tax-sheltered savings because all interest earned in your investment accounts is tax-sheltered. In addition, the maximum tax exemption room in a Universal Life policy can vary because it’s based on the insurance coverage you select.

  • A Universal Life’s investment account gives your business access to a growing cash reserve that can be used…
  • to set up retirement or compensation packages
  • to finance business opportunities
  • to pay the cost of your insurance coverage
  • as collateral for a bank loan to produce tax-free income
  • as a disability benefit

The tax-free insurance portion protects and secures the future of your business should a key person die so you can…

  • settle succession and ownership issues
  • fund a buy-sell agreement for buying shares from the heirs of the deceased partner
  • satisfy creditors
  • cover the cost of finding a successor offset
  • lost business

Term insurance products are ideal for temporary needs such as insuring loans, short-term funding of buy-sell agreements or simply giving you a little extra coverage when you need it.

G. R. Baird Financial Group offers a range of products to meet your term coverage such as

  • Term 10 and Term 20 Renewable and Convertible
  • T-100