At Baird Benefits Plus, we support you with the long-term financial future of your business and employees. To do this, we rely on our own years of experience, extensive research, analysis of industry trends – and on asking the experts and visionaries in the field to share their insights.

As part of our commitment to sharing knowledge, we have created a seminar series held twice yearly. The seminars have been well-attended and popular; but not everyone can take advantage due to prior commitments. At the request of our clients, we are taping the speakers and making the videos available for them – and for anyone else interested in learning about the trends, legislation and regulations that govern the financial world here in Ottawa, in Ontario, in Canada and around the globe.

The Baird Financial Group’s seminars are highly valuable snapshots provided by experts in the field on important financial issues with real ramifications for business owners and human resource professionals. See below for a selection of our most recent speakers, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to view our archive.


Presented in partnership with the Kanata North BIA


View the presentations here:

Ian Gillespie: Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Zal Karkaria: Express Entry

Rich Bennett Ottawa Citizen: Beyond The Job Posting

Capelle Kane Immigration Lawyers: Immigration 101






Join us for an insightful look at the top issues facing managers today – and their solutions. Effective Managers (TM), Calian and the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa have partnered to conduct comprehensive research with over 200 managers in eight organizations. Dwight Mihalicz, owner of Effective Managers (TM), and Lynn Stevens, VP, Human Resources of Calian, share their findings. Find out how the results from this groundbreaking research can help CEOs and senior managers understand how your company can improve productivity and increase managers’ job satisfaction. (From Baird Benefits Plus’ Spring 2015 HR Summit. Time: 42:05)

Dean Sansom presents on “Ontario Retirement Pension Plan Update” (ORPP). (From Baird Benefits Plus’ Spring 2015 HR Summit. Time: 33:27)



HR consultant Carleen Hicks has worked collaboratively with employers for over 20 years to unlock the full potential of leaders, teams and organizations. (From Baird Benefits Plus’ Spring 2015 HR Summit. Time: 38:23)


Lawyer Russ Molot has keen insight into employment law and discusses, based on case law, the legal implications of mental health issues in the workplace. (From Baird Benefits Plus’ Spring 2015 HR Summit. Time: 32:43)



Join Sun columnist and University of Ottawa Professor John Robson for a wide-ranging discussion of the great changes looming on the public policy horizon and how your business can begin reducing its exposure to risk today. Robson’s talk weaves macro-analysis of global debt, demography and monetary policy with a pragmatic look at what these matters will mean for how you approach pension plans and retirement planning in the future. (From Baird Benefits Plus’ 2014 HR Summit. Time: 54:41)


Dean Sansom, Great-West Senior Account Executive and finance industry veteran, provides an informative overview of Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Plans, the differences between the two options, and the trends for these programs going forward. Sansom’s is a clear, concise analysis that demystifies the jargon of “Big Data” and provides concrete examples and feedback from industry clients. (From Baird Benefits Plus’ 2014 HR Summit. Time: 39:31)


With nearly 30 years of experience, Manulife Group Retirement Account Executive Diane Lefrancois has earned her expertise in many areas of business development, plan design and administration. Her talk looks at Group RRSPs, Group RRSP/DPSPs and Group TFSAs: if any of those terms are unfamiliar to you or you are curious about what changes are in store for them, then Diane’s seminar is for you. (From Baird Benefits Plus’ 2014 HR Summit. Time: 36:21)